Non-Recourse Patient Financing and Digital Payment Solutions

Enhance the patient financial experience and drive revenue growth by offering affordable and flexible financing options coupled with user-friendly digital tools.

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Unlock Growth and Profitability with Non-Recourse Patient Financing

At iVitaFi, we understand that healthcare expenses can significantly burden patients, often leading them to delay or forgo necessary medical treatments. Our non-recourse patient financing program is designed to alleviate this burden, empowering patients to prioritize their health without the added stress of financial constraints.

But our program doesn’t just benefit patients – it also offers a powerful growth and profitability opportunity for your healthcare practice.

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Increase Patient Volume

By offering our 0% interest, extended payment plan, you’ll be able to engage more patients who may have previously hesitated to seek treatment due to cost concerns or because their only other option was a high-interest credit card with unaffordable monthly payments. At iVitaFi, we accept all credit profiles, ensuring no patient is left behind due to their financial situation. This increased patient volume translates into higher revenue for your medical practice, driving sustainable growth and profitability.

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Gain A Competitive Edge

When patients experience the ease and accessibility of our 0% interest patient financing program, they’re more likely to accept recommended treatments and opt for additional services. In doing so, they naturally become advocates for your medical practice, eagerly sharing their positive experiences and generating a continuous stream of new patient referrals. This dynamic enhances your reputation and strengthens your competitive edge, nurturing substantial growth within your patient base.

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Boost Profitability

With iVitaFi, profitability gets a significant lift. We provide full upfront payment for patient balances and assume all non-payment risks. This eliminates resource-intensive collections efforts, reduces accounts receivables and minimizes bad debt risk. With this assurance, you can expand your patient base, sustain steady revenue streams, and accelerate revenue recognition, thereby enhancing overall financial liquidity. In essence, iVitaFi’s non-recourse patient financing safeguards your medical practice against financial risk while improving profitability.

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With iVitaFi as your partner, you can focus on growing your medical practice and play a pivotal role in empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives without the burden of financial worry.


What Clients Have To Say

VP RCM, Area Medical Center in the Midwest

“We couldn’t be happier with this program. Collections are up 5% in the first 3 months of starting the program. We have also reduced our A/R by 10% in the past 3 months.”

– VP RCM, Area Medical Center in the Midwest

VP Patient Access, Regional Medical Center

“In looking for ways to improve patient collections, we decided the best solution is to offer a digital lending program with no interest or fees to the patient, with a 3-year term. Our patients love it and it relieves us from the burden of pursuing them to collect.”

– VP Patient Access, Regional Medical Center

CFO, Hospital in the South East

“The whole process is online and easy for our team to get patients enrolled. Our patients liked that this made it easy to afford and pay their medical bills. We liked that we could settle the account immediately instead of months, or years, later.”

– CFO, Hospital in the South East

Digital Patient Payment Solutions

Experience a seamless payment journey for you and your patients with iVitaFi MyPlan. Your healthcare practice will bid farewell to costly paper statements and the stress of collecting self-pay balances. Our innovative digital payment solution revolutionizes the patient’s financial experience, providing secure digital payments, customizable payment plans (from short-term to 0% interest long-term options), automated payment reminders to prevent oversights, and a streamlined process that eliminates the need for staff involvement. By adopting MyPlan, you can elevate patient loyalty, improve financial experiences, and optimize collections, all while reducing administrative burden.

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Patient Engagement

Offer patients convenient digital payment options and engage with them about their medical bills using the digital channels they prefer, such as text, email, and voicemail.
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Payment Options

Patients can choose to pay in full through credit or debit card, ACH, opt for a customized short or long-term payment plan, or take advantage of our 0% interest financing program.

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Patient Financing

Available to patients of all credit profiles, our extended payment plans offer 0% interest throughout the loan with no hidden fees to help patients manage their healthcare expenses.

Overcome Staffing Challenges

Don’t let staff shortages impact the patient financial experience. Bring efficiency to your collection process by automating workflows, eliminating manual tasks, and delivering self-service, patient payment options.


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Check out our recent video to learn how iVitaFi helps patients manage their out-of-pocket costs with non-recourse healthcare lending.

Who We Are

Improving Patient Wellness Through Financial Care

iVitaFi is dedicated to improving patient financial health and provider sustainability. We partner with healthcare organizations to execute patient payment strategies and patient medical financing programs to support a positive patient financial journey – leading to improved collections and lower costs.

The Real Reason Patient Payments Go Uncollected: What Providers Need to Know

iVitaFi has just released its annual Patient and Provider Market Research results for 2021. The report, which is done in collaboration with Eliciting Insights, seeks to uncover the current financial situation for both hospitals and their patients.

Surprising to many hospitals, half of all patient respondents want to know their out-of-pocket expenses before they receive the service, and want the option of making payments prior to, or at the time of, service. Likewise 50% would like to be offered extended payment options, and doing so would improve their relationship with the hospital.

Deliver payment experiences that build loyalty.


Our goal is to help providers improve patient collections through patient financing and payment solutions. The resources in this section provide the latest insights from iVita Financial on topics such as non-recourse lending, healthcare loans, healthcare lines of credit, healthcare payment financing, patient payment trends and more.

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