About Us

Leading the Way in Healthcare Payment Financing

Helping patients pay for their healthcare bills, while helping providers accelerate cash.

iVitaFi leads the way in revolutionizing the patient finance landscape with our innovative approach. We not only help patients manage their healthcare expenses with responsible and transparent financing, but also partner with healthcare providers to strengthen cash flow, mitigate bad debt, and enhance overall patient satisfaction. Through our non-recourse program, we empower health systems to confidently recover patient payments, reinforcing their financial well-being. Additionally, we offer patients, regardless of their credit score, 0% interest, long-term affordable financing options, ensuring quick access to the care they need. iVitaFi is a distinct and strategically positioned solution, ready to guide hospitals and health systems through a transformative evolution in their patient payment strategies. This journey promises significant improvements in their operating margins and a deepened sense of patient loyalty.

Our Team

Proven Innovative Leaders

  • Greg Falconer

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Chris Cox

    Senior Vice President, Product, Strategy & Operations
  • Jay Roche

    VP of Healthcare Sales
  • Aaron Hudgins

    Vice President of Healthcare Sales
  • Kristy Gierosky

    Head of Marketing
  • Angel Turnbull

    Senior Director of Finance & Operations
  • Nicole Thomas

    Director of Client Success
  • Roxanne Kelley

    Director of Client Success
  • Marty Brannon

    Director of Technical Operations
  • Ryan Franks

    Senior Director of Technology

Help patients pay their hospital bill with a reusable line of credit.