Is my information safe and secure?

Yes. For your protection, all information submitted online is encrypted in transit and cannot be viewed by anyone else on the Web. Your payment information is fully protected to meet all regulatory and Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.

What credit cards are supported?
We support all major card brands: Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express. Note this applies to One Time Payment and Payment Plan payments; not the Healthcare Line of Credit (LOC) – you cannot pay credit with credit.
Do you accept prepaid debit cards?
Can I pay using my Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA)?
Yes. Using your FSA or HSA is encouraged, a smart way to save you money on taxes. You are responsible to ensure all FSA & HSA claims match your respective plan requirements (i.e., date(s) of service, eligibility and so forth).
I need more help; how do I reach a Customer Care Representative?
You can reach a Customer Care Representative by sending us an email at

Healthcare Line of Credit (LOC)

What is the Healthcare LOC?
The Healthcare LOC offers 0% financing for up to 3 years. You can use the Credit Line to cover any existing and future medical bills from the Provider for up to 3 years. You can pay your outstanding balance between 6 to 36 months depending on the amount of credit you receive.
What is the interest rate?
The Healthcare LOC is 0% financing for up to 3 years.
Will this affect my credit rating?
No, applying for the Healthcare LOC will not affect your credit score or appear on your credit report.
How is the approval and credit limit determined?
The Healthcare LOC approval and credit limit is determined based on the amount of credit requested along with the applicant’s income and ability to repay.
What are the approval limits?
Approval depends on your ability to repay. Approvals are also limited to a minimum amount of $500 and maximum of $8,000.
Does the Healthcare LOC expire?
The Healthcare LOC will expire if not renewed in 3 years. It may also be closed if there is no activity and a zero balance for six (6) months. If your Healthcare LOC has expired or closed, it is subject to a new approval before your account can be re-opened.
How long will it take to pay off?
Making minimum payments may result in full repayment in as little as six (6) months or up to thirty-six (36) months. There is no prepayment penalty if the Healthcare LOC is paid off early.
Can I use my Healthcare LOC for other medical bills?
Yes. You can use any remaining Healthcare LOC balance to pay for future medical bills at the same medical facility.
Can I apply with co-borrower?
No. Only individual applications are accepted. However, the borrower (Guarantor) can be different from the patient. A Guarantor is often a different person when the patient is a dependent child or close family member of an incapacitated adult. The Provider generally determines who the Guarantor is when preparing the medical bill.
How long does it take to receive a decision on my application?
You’ll get a decision in seconds following your application.
What happens if my application is denied?
You will receive a letter in the mail which will provide further instructions on how to obtain a statement of the specific reason(s) for your denial within thirty (30) days after receipt of your request.

One Time Payment

Can I make a partial payment?
Yes. Just enter the amount you want to pay when selecting the OTP option. If you’re paying multiple bills, the payment applies to your oldest bill first.
After I make the partial payment using the OTP option, how do I apply for a Line of Credit for the remaining amount?
Login to the MyPlan landing page and search for your bills. Once you authenticate your account, select Line of Credit option.
Can I update my OTP date?
No, this feature is not presently available.
Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can pay using OTP?
How do I get a payment receipt?
The payment receipt will be emailed to you.
Is the amount immediately charged to my selected payment method?
If the payment method is Credit or Debit Card, the amount is charged to your card immediately. If the payment method is Bank Account, the amount is not deducted from your account immediately. It takes up to 3 days to process the transaction. If the transaction is declined, you will receive the email stating the transaction is declined.
If I receive the transaction is declined email, how can I pay my bill?
Login to the MyPlan landing page and search for your bills. Once you authenticate your account, you will be navigated to the “Select Payment Method” page. Provide another payment method to pay your bill successfully.

Payment Plan

When might I choose a Payment Plan over a Healthcare Line of Credit (LOC)?
This is a very important decision and really depends on your personal circumstances and preferences when both options are available to you (total balance eligible for either, monthly affordability, etc.). Be sure to check out both options and make the choice that is right for you.
Can I convert a Payment Plan into a Healthcare Line of Credit (LOC)?
This depends on several factors, so we ask that you contact a Customer Care Representative by sending us an email at
When I choose a Payment Plan who is the Payee that will appear on my bank/card receipts and statements?
Your healthcare Provider is the Payee. This is different from the Healthcare Line of Credit (LOC), where iVitaFi becomes the Payee.
Can I change the number of payments?
No. Currently this number is setup for simplicity and fixed at four (4) monthly payments.
Is there a minimum to use a Payment Plan?
Yes. This minimum is determined by the healthcare provider and is typically at least $100 total balance minimum (which translates to 4 monthly payments of $25) to be offered as an option.
Can I set my Payment Plan payment dates?
You may choose when the first payment occurs, provided it is within two weeks of the current date when setup.
Can I change the Payment Plan payment method at any time?
Yes. You can change the payment method at any time without any assistance by logging into your account.
Do I have to use AutoPay?
AutoPay must be used to setup a Payment Plan. The AutoPay payment method can be Debit, Credit or Bank Account (ACH). If you will not have sufficient funds to cover a payment, you have several options. First, you can change the payment method or make one payment schedule change without any assistance by logging into your account. Then if additional schedule changes are necessary, we ask that you contact a Customer Care Representative by sending us an email at And finally, if necessary, you can disable AutoPay at any time in your account, just remember to contact your Provider’s billing department for alternate arrangements or this can result in your bill becoming past due if not paid on schedule otherwise.