iVitaFi announces MyPlan: A Digital Patient Engagement and Payment Platform for Hospitals and Physician Groups

ATLANTA, GA, April 24, 2022: iVitaFi, a leading non-recourse patient financing company, today announced the release of its new digital patient engagement and payment platform for hospitals and physician practices, iVitaFiSMMyPlan.

The iVitaFi MyPlan platform helps healthcare providers more effectively engage with patients using patient-centric communication channels and payment platforms to boost patient satisfaction and financial performance. Guarantors can easily access all their outstanding medical bills using single sign-on and have the option to quickly make a payment. Or, if patients prefer, they can easily self-enroll in a short term or long-term payment plan or a hassle-free, 0% interest line of credit – up to 36 months, regardless of their credit score.

The new product release enables iVitaFi to expand its non-recourse consumer financing program, offering additional tools for providers such as the ability to send digital statements and to communicate with patients about their hospital bills via text, email, and voicemail.

“Hospitals and practices can instantly connect eligible patients with the financial resources they need to be able to afford their medical care. Our platform provides multiple, digital engagement and payment options so that patients have an easy and convenient way to pay their healthcare bills,” says Greg Falconer, CEO of iVitaFi.

iVitaFi MyPlan benefits both patients and providers. Patients have the option to make flexible and affordable payments, while hospitals can gain a competitive edge, sustain financial stability, and improve patient satisfaction scores.

About iVitaFi
As a healthcare payment financing company, iVitaFi focuses on improving patient financial health and provider sustainability. Our non-recourse program provides an all-digital, 0% interest line of credit for patients of all credit profiles, helping our partner hospitals throughout the U.S. improve cash flow and reduce patient bad debt. Our patient engagement and payment platform help hospitals and practices to connect with patients via their preferred method of payment and communication, helping them afford their medical care. We help patients pay for their out-of-pocket costs, keeping them on the path toward complete physical and financial wellness.

Backed by a global private equity firm, partnered with a large federally insured financial institution, and led by seasoned industry executives, iVitaFi is uniquely positioned to help hospitals and health systems transform the way they approach patient payments and improve operating margins.

Help patients pay their hospital bill with a reusable line of credit.