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iVitaFi: Improve Patient Financial Wellness with Non-Recourse Patient Medical Financing

This video shares how iVitaFi helps patients manage their out-of-pocket costs with non-recourse healthcare lending.

iVitaFi focuses on improving patient financial health and provider sustainability. Our program provides a no-interest line of credit for patients of all credit profiles, helping our partner hospitals throughout the U.S. improve cash flow and reduce patient bad debt. We help patients pay for their out-of-pocket costs, keeping them on the path toward complete physical and financial wellness.

Improve Cash Flow: Increase your net patient collections and accelerate cash flow using iVita Financial’s non-recourse patient loan program.

Patient Friendly: Improve the patient experience with a hassle free, 0% interest, flexible line of credit. Our healthcare lending program allows patients to focus on their health rather than how they are going to pay for their visit.

Non-Recourse: Quit worrying about patient collections. Should the patient miss a payment, that’s our problem, not yours.

The program quickly generates benefits to hospitals. Patients usually rely on their insurance company to help with payments, which can end in denials, underpayments, and lost or ignored claims. This results in cash flow problems for your medical practice. With healthcare lending programs, you’ll quickly see a return as all funds from the line of credit toward the patient’s out-of-pocket costs are paid directly to you. The program also takes care of patient collections, reducing the risk of collection and bad debt.

Patients can use their line of credit any time and pay their costs back over time, making it very convenient and simple. They get the care they need with flexible repayment options at no added cost for a complete physical and financial patient wellness offering.

If you are a hospital seeking to improve patient collections, cash flow and patient satisfaction, contact us today to learn more.