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Patient Financing Strategies

Solving The Bad Debt Problem For Hospitals While Improving Patient Financial Experience

As the COVID-19 pandemic puts more financial stress on the economy, cash is severely strained for both consumers and providers. Healthcare patient financing can help accelerate cash for the provider while providing patients with access to care they may have otherwise avoided.

But which patient financing strategy is right for your hospital and help to solve the bad debt problem? Read this white paper to explore the pros and cons of several types of patient financing programs and ways to optimize patient collections.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Factors to consider when determining a 3rd-party financing program
  • A comparison of three patient financing approaches
  • The case for non-recourse lending as a strategy to solve bad debt

As a bonus, you will receive an infographic comparing the three core strategies in terms of collection results, resource requirements, and best fit hospitals for each program.