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A digital patient engagement and payment solution to help optimize collections and empower patients to take control of their financial health.

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Provide patients with the personalized financial experience they expect

There has never been a more important time to prioritize the patient financial experience. As patients take on a larger portion of their healthcare costs, they are selective and more involved in both the delivery of their care and how they pay for it. iVitaFi MyPlan helps healthcare providers engage with patients about their medical bills using the digital communication channels they prefer, and provide multiple, secure and convenient payment options. – including a 0% line of credit, up to 3 years. Now you can drive patient loyalty and improve your financial performance.

iVitaFi MyPlan

With iVitaFi MyPlan your organization can streamline collections and provide the financial experience your patients prefer with:

Patient Engagement

Digitally communicate with patients about their medical bills via text message, email, and voicemail.

Pay Now

Patients can easily make a one-time payment toward their medical bills and electronically receive a payment receipt, and can pay via credit, debit, HSA/FSA, and bank payments.

Payment Plan

Patients can self-enroll in a payment plan and schedule reoccurring payments using multiple digital channels to pay their medical bills.

Line of Credit

Patients can enroll at any time in a 0% line of credit – up to 36 months, regardless of credit score.

Patient Billing

Drive online payments with a self-service mobile platform and collect more through personalized engagement.

Patient Payments

Secure a payment method on file and automate the collection of recurring patient payment responsibility.

Payment Posting

Bring efficiency to your collection process by automating workflows, eliminating manual tasks, and delivering self-service, patient payment options.

One Portal

Enable every financing and payment option with one platform.

Fast. Simple. Easy.

Healthcare providers can easily invite guarantors to self-enroll and access all outstanding medical bills for their family using an online portal. The guarantor can choose a payment plan that works best for them and securely store a method of payment. They can receive automated email notifications, transaction receipts and billing reminders concerning their account. Or, if the guarantor prefers, they can enroll in a hassle-free, 0% interest line of credit – up to 36 months, with no impact to credit to apply.
To learn more about our non-recourse financing program click here.

Who We Are

We help providers improve patient wellness through financial care.

In today’s world revenue cycle teams are no longer only focused on managing revenue with a handful of major payors, but must also communicate with, provide financing for, and collect payment from thousands of individual patients. iVitaFi can help.

Find out how you can collect more faster and increase patient loyalty

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