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Boost Patient Satisfaction Scores Through Streamlined Billing

Creating the ideal patient billing experience not only improves revenue cycle performance but also boosts patient satisfaction and quality scores.

Chris Cox, Senior Vice President, Product, Strategy & Operations, iVitaFi, participated in HealthLeaders Media summit “Patient Financial Experience NOW” with Chris Johnson, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management, Atrium Health, to discuss ways to improve the billing experience and increase overall patient satisfaction.

This panel discussion explored how iVitaFi and Atrium Health helped to enhance point-of-service interactions, applied the use of patient advocates, and streamlined the billing experience at their organization.

Topic questions included:

  • What are some of the pros and cons of the current billing processes you are seeing in the healthcare industry?
  • Why is it imperative to improve the patient billing experience?
  • How has the implementation of digital patient engagement and payment platforms (such as patient portal) improved patient experience?
  • When it comes to patient payments, what payment options, such as recourse or non-recourse loans, seem to be driving the industry?
  • What are you seeing in the healthcare industry when it comes to in-house billing teams? Are more of these functions being outsourced?
  • What resources are you seeing in the industry that can help boost the patient financial experience when it comes to Charity Care or Medicaid Offerings?
  • What does the future of the patient billing experience look like? What would you like to see implemented within the next five years?

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